Further thruster engine for manipulator/grabber


Hi Folks,
I plan to use a further thruster engine for a Manipulator with worm gear drive and two gear wheels. See pictur of Peter_ronalds OpenROV Gripper, Grabber, Manipulator
Is it possible to use a thrusterengine instead of a servo engine?
I have the cables for the servo already installed on my OPENROV 2.8.
regards Michael


Hi Michael:

You can control a brushless motor on the three external wires of a 2.8 that are marked for a servo- but you have to do a bit of work first.

I’d first grab a copy of the controller board schematic off of our github site, so you can follow what’s going on. Most of the details that you need are on Sheet 2 of the schematic.

You first need to disconnect the servo hookup from the external wires. To do this you need to remove jumper resistors R70, R71, and R72. They are located under the ESCs, so you’ll probably have to unsolder a portion of one of the ESCs to get access to them.

Then you need to install an ESC for the brushless motor that you’re going to be controlling. The outputs of the ESC will connect to the TP23, TP24, and TP25 pads that are already on the controller board. You can connect the servo input of the ESC to whichever channel you are going to use for gripper control- I believe the Servo4 (D9) and Servo5 (D10) slots are open.

If you do this, make sure you take pictures of what you’re doing, and post them here on the forum for others to follow.