Freshwater Applications


I am getting ready to order my ROV kit and start building soon. I will be mainly using it in freshwater lakes and ponds where water clarity is suspect at best. I was hoping someone had some experience with this and could give me an idea as to what I can expect. I want to observe fish populations, plant life etc. Also if anyone can tell me how much the thrusters disturb fish it would be very helpful.




Hi Phil

I had a video from a gopro connected on the back of my ROV looking down at it in fresh water.

I capture a fish coming up to the ROV and swimming around the thrusters and stopped in front of the camera and looked inside my ROV, they seem to be very curious of the ROV something that I was not expecting.


Interesting. I know that I have seen fish spooked by my trolling motor on my fishing boat but was never sure if it was the frequency or water displacement. Have you been pleased with your ability to capture video during freshwater dives? I am also curious as to if the IR illuminators help or hinder in low water clarity. Kind like high beams in a snow storm.

Thanks for the reply!


Check out YouTube

search on "OpenROV David Murphy" or "OpenROV DM" Little hawk lake is fresh water dives.