Frame change


I keep changing flotation devices, tethers, camera, and other stuff which requires me to keep putting holes in the Plexiglas frame. I decide to make an aluminum frame which I cut on a CNC. My original Plexiglas frame weighted 279 grams. The new metal one weights 341 grams (+62g). Each stainless steel rod with 4 nuts weights 30 grams (you have 4), so I have remove one (-30g). I also printed a GoPro camera mount which weights 7.7 grams and the one from GoPro that came with the camera weighted 27.8 grams (-20g). The washers I was using for neutral balance are 4.25 grams. With all of that I am still close to the weight I had before, but I have a much stronger frame with holes on the top every 0.5 in. and holes on the side every 1 in. This will make it much easier to add and remove extra stuff.

Please note that I laser cut all my parts from the original drawings so my frame maybe a little different in weight from the kits.

The GoPro Hero 3 is 75g, the water tight case 92g, this is probably why I need the big flotation tubes.

I used AutoCAD to change the original drawing.

life is good!

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Great work on the frame I like that. I wish I had a go pro to play with mmmm fathers day is gone ... Bday coming up :) just might work.


That is awesome! Would you be willing to make and sell one of those? I’m envisioning adding quite a few things to the side of my ROV for the work I am going to do. I am afraid of ruining the acrylic frame very quickly with my not so delicate hands.