FPV goggles for the Trident?


Has anyone explored the subject of utilizing FPV goggles topside? I have ordered the new controller and want to incorporate a set into my new system. I also fly DJI drones commercially and if possible wanted to see if it doable to use the new DJI FPV goggles with Trident via output on controller. DJI supports MP4, MOV & MKV. Any input would be greatly appreciated as I don’t want to part with the $$ for the Mavic only. If I can use on both platforms then it would be well worth it!

Thanks, Steve Driscoll


Have you seen this post about using HD goggles with the 2.8?

The JXD for the Trident has an HDMI port so you could plug any HD goggles (including the DJI ones) in there and use the controls on the JXD but view the image through your HD goggles. You could do something similar with a regular tablet that has an HDMI port.


Also this thread


I use the DJI Goggles via HDMI on the JXD . Works great!