Found a way of keeping the motors from corrodng


I have had 4 dives now, 2 in the Bay and 2 in 100+ feet of Pacific ocean water. Even though I ran the Trident in fresh water each time I noticed the motors running rough. So, on board my boat I have an electrical spray made for marine electronics and electrical connectsion. I even used it on my pliers that i use to get hooks out and only had to spray it once and after several years, they still work.
So, before the next two dives in deeper water i took the covers off of the motors and sprayed them with the liquid. No more rough motors and only sprayed them once.
Now as for the results of the dives… I found very it colorful I must say. The rock fish seems to gather around the drone. The Trident performed well. I just have difficulty with the heading. While transending to the bottom the compass heading indicator sometimes just goes in circles. Don’t know why. Stated using a 3 pound weight on a fishing pole tied 30 feet before the Trident to help it get down quicker. It also helped as an anchor and allowed to maneuver better in the currents.
I would think that the gyro they have used has at least 3 or 4 axis so it would be great help if they would put a yaw display along with the pitch.


Can you please share the product name of the “electrical spray”…

I think you are onto a good preventative solution.

Did you still run the trident in freshwater after the dive or just rinse it off?

Saltwater likes to eat everything!

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Could you please send a foto to show how far you dismount the central engine. That would be really kind !


Yes you should still run it in fresh water. I am not sure of the name, I will post it next time on the boat.


Did not dismount the motor, just remove the cover and spray it while it is running slow to work the oil in.


I believe the name is Corrosion block

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I have a few years old 2.8 and I’ve done tons of dives in salt water. The motors are doing very well I think it’s partly due to always spray food grade silicon on the motors before and after a dive. It displaces the corrosive water.


I was wonder if I should spray the motors before I start flying the trident.

I received it today and I am Stoked! And yes that’s how I speak in real life…

I purchased this product on Amazon.

Should I spray the motors before i start flying the Trident or is this similiar to what is already on the motors and should stick to the marine or food grade silicone.

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