For UK ROVers - Fabulous case!


For anybody in the UK using an OpenROV, I have come across the most fantastic flight case. It is waterproof, really rugged and bright orange! I paid £80, which I think is half the price of a Peli case. The foam is pre-divided into cubes so it is really easy to take out the bits you don’t need. I have no connection with the company, I just found them online. It came next day delivery.


It came from

I’ve also got some waterproof connectors on order so I can separate the tether and close the lid!


@e4andy i’m very Interested in this connectors, Do you have an Link ?


Hi there. I ordered these connectors.

Someone here on the forum mentioned them but I can’t find the link now.
I don’t know what they are like yet.


those connectors looks very interesting. someone already tried them?


The case truly looks fabulous! Will pick one up!
I have bought similar connectors from aliexpress, 10 pairs. They are for 220v so the cables are braided Cooper. They look sturdy and of good quality, i have not tested them on yet. I think i might spray some silicon spray before connecting and submersing.


I had found these on the web also but working away from home I was waiting till I got back so I could measure the ROV before ordering, the size of case you have looks perfect, what size is it ?, can you share the part number.


The case is under Solent Plastics’ Marine and Waterproof section, part no. MAX505. The dimensions are L 500 x W 350 x H 194 mm

I tried it out yesterday and it was all I hoped from it. I might even try and fit my MacBook into the lid. That’s the bit I worry about, it’s a v. expensive laptop!

Where are you based Chris?


Still waiting for my connectors Marcus. That’s the only problem ordering stuff form China, oh, and the human rights record too :frowning:
Are you in the UK?


Cheers I live up in Culross, a small village next to the Kincardine bridge in Fife, where are you based? I have a 2.7 same as you with the same tether reel, I have fitted a waterproof plug and socket to the tether so I can disconnect, I’m using a commercial divers comms connection bit expensive at 40 quid, comes with a locking ring to prevent accidental disconnection, I’ve also threaded my tether in 1/4 inch hollow Polly rope, I’ve only managed a buoyancy check in the bath before I ran out of time and had to return to work, I work offshore West Africa, it was a bit stern heavy so I may need to add foam to the back or a couple of weight to the front, still winter now so plenty of time to get it right. Regards Chris.


Nope i am in Sweden, traveling to London for Mozfest2015 on this thursday, though. I’ll see if i can arrange an order and pickup of a case on friday. Otherwise i might try to get it shipped here from the dealer. Nice with the sizing and partno!
Yeah, China and their human rights issue, yes. :frowning: All electronics seem to made in China these days, so ordering direct or through a vendor/importer/dealer always makes you ordering from China anyway…


@e4andy Thank very much for the Link . Could you Share your experiences with it with me ?


The case looks great and the price is definitely good.

For the connector just be aware that IP68 appears to be a ‘manufacturers’ specified depth and time rating and that 5m for 60min is spec’d by one as being industry leading so these are not really diving class connectors though they may work. Here is a reference:

It’s a fact that electrons like to flow through copper before water, even salt water so any short is more like a resistance across the cable not a dead short and it might work anyway. Filling the connector with a dielectric grease or even Vaseline may also improve it’s waterproofness enough to keep things happy. I am very interested in connectors as well so how these work out would be good to know.


I will certainly report back. As yet, they haven’t arrived.


Hi Chris, sorry, I missed your post when it first came in. Interested to know about your divers connection. Was it from Scorpion Oceanics by any chance? I just had a quote for about £50 plus a crazy price for all the potting moulds and compounds etc. About £150 altogether, so I didn’t go with it. The cheap Chinese ones have arrived so I will try those with lashings of grease inside. The rope seems to work well, although it’s difficult to dry it when its all reeled in.
We dived on a Serpulid reef bed in Loch Creran (just round the corner from us) last week. Very disappointing, can’t seem to steer in any sensible way so it’s very hit & miss where you end up. I have a feeling that’s why the Trident came about :frowning:
I think maybe I need to do more work on getting it neutrally buoyant, trouble is, once you’re a couple of metres down you lose sight. The IMU has made a huge difference. Good luck over the winter. Let me know how you get on. My boat’s out of the water now so we’ll be doing our diving off the end of the pier, we’re in Taynuilt, on Loch Etive. Cheers


Thanks Andy I know where you are I Kayak fish up that way quite often, I still haven’t had the ROV in the water yet, and won’t get the opportunity this year as am heading back to work on Wednesday until the 4th January.
We should arrange a meet sometime when I get back in the new year, sound’s like your more experienced them me, you’ve had your’s in the water, ideally I want to put mine in the water in a controlled environment, a swimming pool or test tank, just need to find someone with a pool. Regards Chris.


How did those connectors work out?


That looks cool case!