Flying into US with OpenROV, via DUB-LGW



Flying to Orlando on Monday, for a couple of weeks in the Florida Keys.

I was planning to bring #649, configured with Trustfire, with spares. I have a Peli, so was planning on using this for cabin baggage.

I have seen some comments, in particular on batteries. Anyone any recent experience flying from EU to US with an OpenROV ?




Any recent experiences flying with Openrov as checked or cabin baggage ?



Hi Richard,
Good question! My experience has been that if I tell the TSA or customs agent BEFOREHAND that I have an underwater robot on board, then they become really interested and nice. If I forget to mention it, and they find it in my bag, they are usually a little harder to deal with.




Update on this, all went well.

Brought the ROV hand luggage with batteries installed. Used a 'Pelican' case logo'd with OpenROV and explained contents before it entered the xRay machine ! Printed a couple of pages off the website for good measure.

Traveled with this approach via the following airport security,

- Dublin

- LDN - Gatwick

- Orlando

- Miami

- LDN - Heathrow

So, OpenROV makes an excellent travelling companion !!