Fix Servo buzzing programmatically


I have been struggling with the camera tilt for a while, the servo has always been buzzing at all times and sometimes the camera jumped up and down. See here.

Until recently the servo stopped moving at all because the gears have stripped out. I am going to replace it next week but I am afraid the exact same thing will happen again.

Is it possible to fix the servo problems from within the Arduino code? For example by detaching the servo from the pin once the tilt has finished or by not sending a PWM signal after a second or two? This would force the servo to stay in it’s position without having to “adjust” if it encounters friction or weight problems.

My arduino knowledge is very limited so I am not sure which library needs to be touched, I am assuming “CameraMount.cpp” ?

Thank you


If you are just hearing buzz on the servo, that appears to be an issue with the model servo we use that simply has a hard time getting to the exact position. You can actually stick a servo tester on the servo if you want (removing our software from the equation) and you will still get the same behavior. Yes, you could experiment with disconnecting the servo after moving it, but odds are the weight of the camera would start tilting the servo down.

Note, that I’m not aware of anyone’s servo stripping due to the hunting pecking buzzing nature of the servo. The worst side effect is additional battery drain and the noise. Typically the servo’s get stripped when something blocks their ability to tilt.

Perhaps someone else has ideas on servos that are a little more accurate?


tha same happens to me, is buzzing, for instance in its way down, so I just one click Q in the opposite direction and stop buzzing, the same in the top position of the camera. At first I thought it was keeping running al the time, but then I’ve tried taking apart the camera mount and stop the buzz. It is the weight of the camera mount, when you exert a very slight pressure at the servo horn with your fingers the buzz start again. I’ve cleared the usb cable but is not much the difference.


So I replaced the broken servo with HS-82MG (the one with metal gears is supposedly a bit stronger)

I greased the LED wires a little bit, I noticed they were rubbing against the hull with turning and they were getting stuck a little bit, the grease made them glide easily and didn’t leave a noticeable trace.

Now the camera tilt seems to be moving ok with no obstructions when everything is assembled; however I still have the buzzing sound.

I tried to to disconnect the servo (unplug the cable) and it was able to hold the camera in place in all positions without needing to be powered on.

Now, I only have to figure out where in the arduino code I can kill the power (or signal) of the servo when not needed.