FishPi readies for cross-Atlantic trip


We reported on the FishPi before. It looks like they are gearing up to cross the Atlantic. Cool!

From the BBC...

Work on the Fish Pi hardware and software has now been under way for about 12 months. It has got beyond the concept stage and now, said Mr Holloway, he has all but completed tests on the hardware that will be on-board the finished robot craft.

Fish Pi conceptEarly plans suggested the finished Fish Pi might be a trimaran

The Pi will be at the centre of the small, solar-powered craft, taking in data from sensors that measure the environment through which the ship is sailing.

The Pi will not just log data but will be constantly called on throughout the voyage to control the speed of the craft's engine and work out which direction it should sail. It will have to be robust as the journey across the Atlantic is likely to take a few months.

Also on board will be an anti-collision system that will help the craft avoid bumping into human-piloted ships while on the open ocean.

The Raspberry Pi will also handle communication with the control centre on land and constantly report its position.

"We should have complete two-way communication," he said.

All the hardware has been installed on a proof-of-concept (POC) vehicle that will act as a test bed so early bugs can be ruled out before being transferred to the final roving robot craft.