First successful mission with the Trident


Hi guys!

I have finally gotten my Trident, and have also made my first dive for a paying client! I inspected a 480 meter long pipe, and it was pretty successful :smiley:

All in all, it was a bit more difficult to drive than an aerial drone, which I am used to, so I’m sorry for the video being all over the place in the beginning :slight_smile:

As a short review and feedback to the OpenROV team, I am really impressed by the performance of the Trident, and it is really fun to drive/fly/dive. But there are a few minor things that I hope can be changed, added or considered to the next version of the Trident :wink:

First of all, the lights weren’t really that impressive. It would be good if it would be possible to tweak up the brightness on them a bit more, even though the battery would drain faster. But I guess that the diodes have their limit. So I can only hope for some external lights that will be available for purchase in the future for those deeper dives!

Another thing that was a bit frustrating was that it was hard to keep the pitch, if I wanted to look down on the sea floor and stay in that position. It might have to do something with the stabilization that I haven’t figured out yet, but I had the feeling that it would have been good with another thruster in the back of the drone so they could work in opposite directions for better pitch possibilities.

A feature that would be really nice to have, is to have four cameras. One in front, one on each side, and one facing the sea floor. Then you could switch between the cameras, depending on what your purpose is. Like in this video, it would have been nice to be able to shoot video from the side of the drone as I drove alongside the pipe. And when searching for stuff on the sea floor, it might be better with a downwards facing camera.

< EDIT > I also forgot, that I find it a bit strange that there is no button to take a photo with in the app. You can of course do a screen grab or export a frame from the video, but it would be nice to have just a button to press when you just want a photo :slight_smile:

I know that the JXD controller isn’t OpenROVs product, but I still have to mention that it is really great to maneuver the Trident with, but the brightness of the display isn’t really as good as I expected. In tropical waters with bright colors, crystal clear water and lots of light from the sun and therefore more contrast in the screen, it might be easier to see what you are filming. But in the dark and murky Nordic waters, it is a bit harder to grasp what you are watching on the screen. I think some sort of sun screen would make it better, so I will try to make one and see if it helps.

But all in all, I am very happy with the Trident, and so was my first client!

Here is the very long (34 minutes) and possible very boring video from the dive. In the first few minutes (3-4 min) nothing happens, because I was talking to the client and showed a bit how the Trident works. But about 11 minutes and 20 seconds into the video you will see the first fish, and then there are more fishes on the pipe further into the video for those who likes that :slight_smile: The dive started at about 2 meters depth and ended at about 34 meters depth.



Thanks for sharing ! Interesting to see Trident working professionally ! I agree it is perfect except the balancing up and down. Maybe that this will be improved with the next software version. Concerning light, I do not see the problem. I agree, more is better but it seem ok. Don’t forget that you ate still at low resolution and this impacts also the quality and the incidence of the illuminating force.


Just curious did you take off the protective cover on the camera? I noticed it was blurry at the top and in the beginning it looks like that is a water drop but you are under water. I had the same issue, until i realized there was a sticker on the camera.

Nice post.



Yes, I took it off :slight_smile: I think it was mainly blurry in the beginning, due to that there was some bubbles stuck on the lens. After a few minutes you can clearly see that they are gone :slight_smile:



Nice work Peter! You kept that pipe dead center pretty much all the way… Given my own attempts in murky waters I’m impressed.


Thanks Andreas! Since it basically was my first dive (had a short dive in really murky water just to see if the Trident worked at all), I am pretty satisfied with it. And because my client sat beside me and watched, I had to go pretty slow and from time to time stop to let him check out some details of the pipe here and there :blush:

Here are a few more short videos: