First flight of OpenROV #410


I'm an MFA candidate at the Rhode Island School of Design. My work is focused on systems and the convergence of art, science, and technology. For the past year, I have investigated bodies of water through data-driven drawings in a variety of media.

I received a grant through RISD's Division of Graduate Studies to research five meromictic lakes in New York. Meromictic lakes are fairly rare (there are about 100 in the US). Typically very deep in relation to their surface area, wind energy is unable to overturn the water of a meromictic lake. Three distinct layers develop -- the deepest of which is a dense, oxygen depleted environment in which few organisms can survive.

I'm still working on expanding the OpenROV to take temperature, depth, conductivity, dissolved oxygen readings, and water samples of the three layers. Upon returning to Providence, I plan to analyze the water samples at the RISD and Brown facilities. I'll write computer code to generate forms inspired by the glacial land formations surrounding the lakes and visualize the data collected by the robot. The end result will be a series of large scale drawings that synthesize the computer generated images, documentation of the sites, video stills from the robot, historical and tourist information, published research data, and include ink washes with the collected water.