First expeditions of #2233 'Adriatic One'


The first real testing of OpenROV Adriatic One 2 days ago:

I suppose this is the first one in Adriatic, at least on the Croatian side (please contact me if not).

I purchased and assembled it for the purpose of our project Croatian Makers whereas we try to develop makers movement in the Croatian schools, at this moment by donating large quantities of automation and robotics equipment (R Pi, Arduino, LEGO Mindstorms, Fischertechnik …), and some other actions like donating first drones to the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service etc … in the future perhaps some active invovment, too.

Had some problems with 2nd small testing, salt water leakege and my BBB was gone and probably the CB - I replaced them both.

Now everything seems to work fine, and after successfully submerging it to some 55m 2 days ago, we did it again today - and it’s still alive :smile:

Next thing we’ll probably go for a night expedition and try to see some marine life, and will also get in touch with local archeologists to try to document some shipwrecks from the Antics (amphoras etc.)

There are some more videos on my channel, including the one when I damaged it, and I’ll continue to post more on that channel.


It’s so cool to see OpenROV footage from the bottom of the Adriatic Sea! I can’t wait to see more. Keep it up!