First Dive with the Trident


Made my first dive with the Trident today! I’m impressed, great job on building everything! Nothing exciting just a dive in the harbor. Was a good place to start because you had pilings and dock fingers for directional reference, seems like you can lose orientation pretty quick if you don’t check your compass heading when you drop it in. Bottom was pretty bare because this area gets lots of silt fall out from glacial streams, excited to get it out into more open water to explore. Did spot one fish, a few starfish, urchins and bottles and trash dropped off boats. Figuring out the controls and my Bluetooth controller seemed like it was dropping out for some reason, but touch screen controls worked fine. Look forward to exploring more spots soon.


Some video stills from today.


Absolutely beautiful.


Thanks, these are just low res stills from the 720 video, the 1080 video was much crisper and I realized I didn’t remove the protective plastic over the camer lens until after the dive so should be better next time. Impressed with the quality.

Hope to find more life at the next dive site.


Link to short video of the dive.