First Dive V2.5 - Powell. Some issues


First of all, for a first dive, what a blast! This thing is way too much fun. Here is the video:

So, a few issues.

The feed to the ROV is a bit choppy. Would lose video and controls for a second or two every 30 - 50 seconds or so. Not sure whats up with that?

I have had ZERO luck with the Teflon tape sealing the tubes. Diving to about 20 feet was okay. We did a much deeper dive to about 60 feet and brought it up quickly. The electronics tube had about 1 inch of water. Bummer! Dried it all out, esc's lost programming, but everything still works fine. Whew.

I then decided (as I had brought some) to use the rubber balloon trick mentioned in another post to create little gaskets under the main rubber o-ring that seals the tube. This works like a charm! I recommend only using this. Cut them just wide enough to fit nicely in the groove where the rubber o-ring goes and it seals the tube very tight. We brought it back down about 40 feet with no more leakage issues. I wouldn't cut them wider than the grooves. I did that on the battery tubes and the caps were almost impossible to get back out.

All in all, more than a success. I have some more desiccant packs in the mail and plain another dive this weekend. Going to shorten the tether a bit as we wont be taking it down over 100 feet.

Obviously some weight distribution issues. I had it a little negative buoyant so I had to remove a weight which threw off the balance.

One other issue, as "shift" is ascend, when you hold it down or press it a lot, it keeps asking me if I want to turn on sticky keys... any way to assign this to a different key?




"The feed to the ROV is a bit choppy. Would lose video and controls for a second or two every 30 - 50 seconds or so. Not sure whats up with that?"

This may be the full 1080 i/p video coming from the webcam. The VLC capture put out some very high quality footage. For a minute or two dive the file was almost 1GB! It should possibly be compressed a bit? Any way to add video controls to the cockpit down the road? Select 720P maybe? Just thoughts :)



It's really cool to see another ROV flying around!

Yeah- we're working on making endcaps that seal better out-of-the box, but I'm glad to hear you found a solution. I'll start recommending that method to people.

As for the sticky shift key, I think there's a way to turn that off, but I can't remember at the moment.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what adventures you go on with this, and stay posted as we'll also have more updates with sw etc which may fix some bugs soon.

Keep up the good work!



Right on, looking forward to the new release.

We are hoping to find colonies of invasive quagga mussels with this. The goal would be to locate them and destroy them. Haven't really come up with a feasible way to kill them with the ROV yet. Tossing ideas around. At least for now we may be able to determine if a large group has setup camp in the lake.

Another use could be inspecting old archaeological sites under Lake Powell. There are Native American sites down there dating back thousands of years that haven't been seen since the lake was filled in the 60's. Some should be in range of the ROV. We'll see :)

I'll keep posing videos of anything we do.