First Dive test troubleshooting


I am using the OpenROV 2.7 kit that I assembled myself. I did a “dry” submerging test without the electronics in the tubes and it passed that test. Everything worked fine before the dive, (cockpit, thrusters, etc) however once I did the full dive the cockpit cut out and froze. I then noticed that the lights on the ROV were no longer working. The ROV had turned off. I checked and there is no water in the tubes. Could this be a wiring malfunction? Something I missed pre-dive? Any suggestions welcome.


Did you get it figure out?

I’d start with the batteries. If you don’t have the poly-fuse adapter inside to hold the batteries tight, they can shift when moved and if you only have one set of batteries with a good connection, that is all it takes. I’d then double check the tops side adapter to make sure one of the tether wires did not come out of the topside adapter.