First dive in the lake of Annecy


hi guys,
finally it arrived, got my first dive in the lake of annecy (french alps)
Jut out of the rocks, went to the main floor of the bay at - 18ft light was ok, used a xiaomi yi as camera.
Next time, i ll try to score a boat for go further


Well done on the first dive. Good footage. Where and how did you mount your external camera.?



external camera is fixed upside down below the rov


Really love this! Thanks for sharing. Keep us posted on how it goes.


New dive with firmware 30.0.3 at the beach of the imperial palace, personal depth record beaten -9 meters


actually zack i have a question for you, i got this rov from ocean71 and it has an issue they didn t succeed to solv.
this rov has issues turning right, it s like it has 20 dual rate to the right, even values mesured on cockpit are identical when goin left or right.
i ve installed 30.0.3 and enabled alert,and it says that there is a big difference between current in the two motors, the reason can be a bearing or bad wirering.
can t be the bearings, cause they replaced the motor, and same issue, any idea where i can have a look?
thxx for your help
best regards


Yeah, I think we are tracking this issue with another ROV as well.

Please follow this thread:

Maybe we can get to the bottom of this together.

Did you say they replaced this motor already with a new one?


Hi Zack.
Yeah, mine does turn more to the left when going straight ahead. It’s the port motor that is stiffer and turns much slower for the same current input. I’ve checked and there’s nothing obstructing it. As I mentioned in the original post, it’s not a frictional feel, more like greater magnetism, when you turn it by hand each pole clunks into place.