First Dive and some issues


I put the ROV in the water for the first time, details here:

But the purpose of this post is a couple of post dive issues.

Firstly, the “handle” that also has the vertical thruster connected to it came loose. It has not completely broken off, but it is no longer attached to the rest of the internal structure. I can glue it back together again with the acrylic glue, but I think this will happen a second time. There is not a tight fit between the handle and the structure. The tabs are loose in the holes. Any advice?

Secondly, I got the ROV home and washed it down with fresh water. I then left it outside to dry. It’s April, but it was unusually hot and sunny on Sunday. When I removed the batteries, I noticed the last one was covered in a sticky substance that was very hard to clean off, even with soap. I don’t think it leaked from the battery, which then charged normally. I think some of the epoxy melted out of the end of the battery tube in the sun. Is that possible? The glue says 90C as the limit on the packet and it seems impossible that it go that hot, but maybe it did. Have others seen this?

If the glue melted out, what should I do? I can test for leaks perhaps, but it can’t be “refilled”. I also don’t know how to clean out the rest of the sticky glue (it has not reset) from the tube.

All thoughts welcome!




I’m not sure on the handle, can you provide some pictures? I haven’t had a problem with my acrylic pieces, but then again, I always overdo the glue. Were you using the recommended Weld-On 3?

I had an issue with one of my prior endcaps with the Devcon epoxy. I don’t think it mixed properly because it never set all the way through and was still “gooey” even a week later. I had to put a “cap” of gap-filling CA glue over it. I’m working on trying out other epoxies.