Firmware Update - really slow


I’ve followed the instructions and updated my Trident software and it moved on to updating the firmware.

The screen of my JXD controller says:

Port ESC: Complete
Starboard ESC: Complete
Vertical ESC: Complete
Controller: In Progress

It’s been the same for over 2hrs now saying Controller update is “in progress”, the two arrows are still spinning in a circular motion.

Is this normal?

I’m worried it’s going to crash and the controller wont work.

Many thanks for any help.

Had the same problem, stayed in progress for over 24 hours. Ended up turning it off. When I opened the app, it said it was updated.
This made no difference, there is definitely issues with this download. My main concern not being able to record on my Trident. Made a number of emails, no rely as yet, sad to say.

I had a similar issue…but it seems to have fixed itself.

I can record video and transfer the files to my device after the update. The 720p files are OK but the 1080p files appear to have some noise/artifacts at the very start. I have only just tested video and I have not yet fully tested the operation of Trident.

Yeah, the same problem was here, fixed on its own

G’day stevenpaulpalmer and others,

I have just experienced this same issue whilst updating two new Tridents. Once again the issue fixed itself without any explanation after I exited the update process (ignoring the message about waiting for it to finish) and re-started Cockpit. I waited about 20minutes each time to see if the update process came to a natural conclusion however it never got passed the controller stage.