Finding Acrylic Cement Outside the USA


I did have a question about the amount of cement needed ( in total for the whole build). I’ve seen in forums about 120mL is enough?


Yes, that sounds about right. We use cans of 120mL that’s enough for many
many ROVs.


I am also located in Alaska and was able to order from Amazon, now I ended up with way more than I needed but these guys shipped without issue at least a few years ago


Hot tip from a customer in Mexico:[A:egamento-para-acrilico-con-aplicador]

It seems he was able to receive his solvent within a few days of ordering.



Hi there,

I’m based in Vancouver, Canada and I would like to start using acrylic sheeting in my design and technology projects at school to make a clock out of various laser cut shapes. We want to bond acrylic to acrylic but some of us are using frosted and mirrored acrylic which has a coating on the back of it. I know the liquid solvent cement would work well to bond plain acrylics, but I’m wondering what one would bond the coated ones without ruining the coating?

Any help would be appreciated, and what is allowed into Canada or readily available within Canada.




Hello Sinead.

In my experience the frosted areas bond just as well with the usual
recommended chems. But…if you’re really concerned about appearance you
can always go with this stuff and be very careful where it is applied –

I usually use this stuff for filleted edges and for strengthening key parts
put it will also work in an edge to surface or edge to edge capacity. If
you are doing surface to surface I would keep with the water thin stuff as
it looks great if you get it just right.