Finding Acrylic Cement Outside the USA


Hey guys,

I am based in Germany and face massive problems when sourcing the acrylic cement. Unfortunately, the link to the German amazon webpage is no longer active (they do not sell it anymore) (thanks to @Roy_Petter_Dyrdahl_T)

As anyone recently bought actual acryl cement in Middle Europe?

As an alternative, would anyone actually recommend using something like Dichlormethan? It seems to pretty dangerous.

I am thankful for any help!


Hey there, we have been working hard to be able to sort out some of the logistics for Europe, and our webshop is 98% up and running. You can now get cement, epoxy and o-ring lubricant as a kit:
The kit consists of 2 x 14ml epoxy syringes, 30ml cement (acrifix 0117S) with applicator, and a small container of medical grade Vaseline.
If you need any more info don’t hesitate in writing.

Germany Europe Sources

Nice! Love it, Roy!



Found in Sweden; just phoned a glazier, who forwarded me to a supplier of acrylic and plexi (in Gothenburg), went there and and got a large bottle of liquid Acrifix and a syringe for about 10usd.
They are not very fond of mailing the stuff, but try to look up a large supplier of acrylic stuff close to you, phone or mail them and go there to get it if they feel allright with it. I got very good advices about working with the stuff as well.

Acrylic sticking substitutes

Finally i bought some pure Dichloromethane from the local drugstore for a couple of euros, some quick tests on its glueing capabilities look promising, and so far i want to work with it for the whole built.
For guide 1 the Dichlormethane works perfect, it is a bit messy (which I would guess the actual cement also is) but it glues very well.


Marcus2 - May I ask the name of the place you found it in Gothenburg? Would be very helpful. Thanks!


@Fe3C, Dichloromethane should work perfectly for the whole process. I used it for my first build. What I noticed is that is sets superfast, as in a couple of seconds. The drawback with the stuff is that it’s a Carcinogen. For a single build you’re fine, but I wouldn’t use it over time. Also, you should be in a really well ventilated space. When I worked with Dichloromethane I stood just below an AC unit blowing on full speed.

Also, thanks for your heads-up with regards to our shop.


Yes, i can confirm that you need to be aware of possible health effects!


Hi, i think it was RB Glas & Plast AB, if i remember correctly. Give 'em a phone call.


For people looking to buy acrylic cement in Brazil:

We had a tip that this company in Brazil manufactured acrylic cement (thanks, Marcello!) but we haven’t had a chance to check out these in person. From looking at their catalog it seems that there are three different types of product from these guys that look like they could work*:

*we haven’t tested any of these yet

All three of these use a cappilary effect which in testing is ideal for ease of building OpenROV. Some of the “gap filling” or “strengthening” acrylic cements work well but are harder to use.

Cures very fast, and may be not as strong as we’d like:
This is probably a better bet:
This is probably the best bet since it has moisture resistance:

It seems the best place to buy this online is:

If anybody down in Brazil gets a hand on some of it let us know how it works or where to grab it. Thanks,


Hello Zack,
Thank you for this information.

My biggest concern is that, S-320, S320/G and S-320/6, are not made to suffer exposure to inclement weather or mechanical stress.

The S-330, regarding that it’s cure time / working time might be too long preventing you from making the build quickly.
It provides high mechanical strength to the glued joint which allows performing jobs resistant to pressure and to various mechanical stresses, ensuring watertightness and prolonged weatherability.
And this looks like is our goal with the OpenROV.
It melts the acrylic and welds it.

What do you think?

Best regards,


Yeah, I noticed that too and I also would love to test it. I suspect that the cure time on the longer one is really going to require some patience. The short one, it’s my bet is that these recommendations are made for industrial artists and sign manufacturers who plan on more serious resistance than our units since all the other stats are similar to what we’ve tested in the lab here.

Like so much of what we do here at OpenROV, this might be a trial and error operation. Hopefully we can test this stuff out at some point.


Tks for all information.
I will come back with news when I have then.


For Brazilians:
Olá pessoal, alguém tem e já montou o OpenROV no Brasil???
Podemos trocar experiências.


I was able to have this shipped to Norway from a seller on ebay:

It worked great!


I’m from Brazil, and I just started assemblying my ROV. I’m using the S-320/6 Sinteglas suggested by Zack, and up until now it is looking good. I’ve made some tests using pieces of some acrylic rulers comparing the S-320/6 and Chlorophorm. Even though the test conditions were not ideal, I believe I got better results with the Sinteglas glue than the Chlorophorm, and I believe it will do the work quite well.

I purchased it through and had no problems.

Eu sou do Brasil e eu acabei de começar a montar o ROV. Estou usando a cola Sinteglas S-320/6 sugerido pelo Zack, e até agora está dando certo. Eu fiz alguns testes usando partes de umas réguas de acrílico comparando a cola da Sinteglas e Clorofórmio. Apesar de as condições de teste não serem ideais, eu acredito que tive resultados melhores com a cola do que com o Clorofórmio, e eu acho que vai funcionar bem.

Eu comprei pelo site do mercado livre mesmo ( ) e não tive problema nenhum.


Amazing feedback! Thanks Felipe!


Hi Everyone,

I just bought a v2.8 and have nearly completed my build. I did have a bit of trouble finding acrylic cement in Brisbane, Australia.

eBay was one option but I wanted to physically see the product on the shelf and talk to someone…

I found these guys online

Gave them a ring and found out their main distributors in Vic, NSW and QLD are Australian Sheet Traders:

I looked these guys up and it turns out their Brisbane outlet was 10 mins down the road from where I work!

They also stock the applicator bottles etc too.

Hope this is useful for anyone in Australia!


Massively helpful! Thanks for helping others along, too!



Heard a rumor that acrylic cement in the Netherlands can be bought from here: