Finding Acrylic Cement Outside the USA

I just emailed them and they said they dont carry these items! Noooo! Wanna build my ROV.

AST don’t carry acrylic cement as stock, but you can get it ordered in. A few people are using poly rope to strengthen the tether. It’s pretty strong as it is though…

Sweet thanks, Let me ask them.

I just went down to the local plastic’s guys (Sydney Based) and they had a 20L drum of the Weld-on 4 solvent for their own use in fabrication and for a few $'s cash they filled a jar up and they threw in a few syringe applicator bottles as well

Hi there.
I’ve used cheap polypropylene rope, taken the core out and threaded the tether. Quite difficult to do but it works well.


Hi @Surferman,

I ordered SciGrip 3 - photo below
I rang AST and checked and they said they had it in stock. I work at Darra so it was a quick drive over to their outlet near Archerfield Airport.
They had this product and also the applicator bottles etc.

Awesome thanks! I will hit them up for some and then commence the build.

No dice with AST, Warwick there claims to never have had the stuff.

I got my acrylic cement through AST in Victoria. Did you ask if you could get it ordered in ???

You can also get it online here.

Hello all,

Has anyone had success with dissolving acrylic chips or beads in acetone to create the needed cement?

Any feedback would be well received.


I have tried this with little success. It seems to work as a gap filler but
not as a very fluid and cohesive solvent.

It would work for some of the pieces of the 2 series kit but I wouldn’t use
it for the endcaps which require a good surface to surface contact.

I hope this helps,

It does help, I was struggling to source the suggested cements here in Alaska, but found an online source willing to ship here! A seller on a well known auction site.

I was considering, but decided against using acetone with or without additional acrylic. I tried acetone only and acetone with a bit of dissolved acrylic on a couple of laser cuttings with no success. Maybe I was doing it wrong but…I certainly wasn’t going to chance it.

Thank you much for the advice!


Great! Can you post the info here so others in Alaska can source too?


It is not a rumor, but reality. That means for supply in Europe.

The website they use for the structural adhesives and cements is:

If you want to contact BNS, better use their general email address:
or call them @ +31(0)114-311100

If you are interested in adhesives, you can also look at my youtube channel for info and videos.



Hi, so is methylene chloride a perfectly suitable replacement? Like has it be tested, and it works? Thank you!

Anecdotally it has worked. We haven’t tried it in the lab yet as the fumes
are somewhat unsafe. I would recommend spending some extra time on the
solvent cements (many of which are based on methylene chloride).

Alright, thank you so much for your help! I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Good luck. Please let me know if I can help you find any solvent cement.

I did have a question about the amount of cement needed ( in total for the whole build). I’ve seen in forums about 120mL is enough?

Yes, that sounds about right. We use cans of 120mL that’s enough for many
many ROVs.