Finding a sponsor


I am participating in the MATE ROV competition and i am asking you to suggest me a sponsor


Hi Samaa-

I was a competitor in the MATE International Competition at the Explorer class for the last 4 years, and have extensive experience with many facets of the program. I'm no longer with any team.

I'm not really sure what info you are looking for. I'm going to assume that you are looking for corporate sponsors for your team. To this end,

  • SeaBotix - (motors)
  • SubConn Connectors - (connectors)
  • Trossen Robotics - (robotics parts)
  • Parallax - (electronics, with SUPERB support.)
  • Otterbox - (underwater containers)
  • Microsoft - / (programming software)

are companies I can immediately think of that do some sort of product donation or sponsorship. the teams only page on the marinetech website also has more resources for use:

If you have more specific questions, please feel free to post.