Finally got my Trident - but I can't use it because I dont have the (beta) app! :(


As the title says. Yes, I know I need to write support to get access to the app, but I’m astonished that they ship the drone without fixing access to the app beforehand. After all, they know my email address and if they didn’t, all they had to do was ask. It is quite a poor experience to finally get my drone after a looong wait and then tantalizingly not being able to actually use it! I really hope OpenRov will fix this for future customers!


Hey @j.rolf.nielsen. We’ve been working hard to get the app into Play Store. We had to make sure a lot of the EULA and TOS stuff was in place, bugs were worked out, etc first, but we didn’t want to delay shipping any longer in the meantime. That should be sorted out now. Please let us know what you think!




The note to send your Google Play login to support@ and request beta access should be added to the pre-shipping notification (the one where you confirm your shipping address).

If Cockpit is in the Play Store now, as a final (not private beta), you can disregard, but until Cockpit is available to anyone who wants to download it you should add the beta note to the pre-ship notice.


Eric, I still can’t find the app in the Play Store (unless if it has some strange name that I haven’t thought of) and after a couple of days I still haven’t heard back from support about getting access to the beta. That means I’m still unable to use my shiny new drone…!


I also was sent a brick with no software, the unit also makes a gurgling sound when I charge it. What a letdown. I emailed support yesterday. How about emailing the people who buy the drones a link to download the software instead of waiting for whatever google play issues you are having. Also how about having a phone in customer support for people who’s units may be boiling while charging.


Support emailed me about the gurgling sound. They say its the processor. I asked them to send me a link to download software since its not on google play…waiting for a response. …


Hey folks.

As of 16:00 pacific time the OpenROV Cockpit App was released into the google play store live (beta applications are no longer needed to access the app). It usually takes a few hours for things to become visible on Google Play but pending something going wrong on their end you should be able to access it tonight.

Please let us know if you run into any issues with the new app or any of the new features.


PS- that sound you are describing inside Trident is completely normal…


I confirm I got the app and have just taken the Trident for its first spin. It’s an absolute beast and I’m so happy with my purchase. With the app out of Beta, future customers will avoid the issues of app access.

Wow, I’m really impressed with the Trident. I’ve been following the OpenRov guys for years until making my purchase earlier this year, it’s so cool to be able to support an ambitious startup that makes a really cool product. I wish you guys all the best and I’ll certainly be spreading the word about the Trident!



So happy to hear that the upgrade process went smoothly for you and that the new version of the app got you up and running! We hope that this new version really helps to stabilize the experience across the board.

Please let the support team or myself know if you run into any issues!