Few Questions for New Build


I got my kit recently and started to assemble it. I noticed I am missing the two syringes that were supposed to come with the kit. Any way to get by without them?

Also, I've been using the Loctite Epoxy you can get at most hardware stores. The two part stuff that mixes in the tube. Is this sufficient or should I stop using it and get some of the exact stuff they use in the instructions?



Hey David,

You should have gotten two syringes in the kit. If you send us an email to info@openrov.com with your mailing address (and just note that you didn't get syringes in your kit) we can send some to you.

As for the epoxy, we haven't tried many others so using the hardware store stuff would be "do at your own risk." That being said, I'd be very interested to know how well regular hardware store epoxy works out. If you decide to use it, please let us know how it works out!

Just to make sure- you're interested in using the epoxy for the potted parts of the kit... you're still using acrylic cement to assemble the inner structure, end caps, e-chassis, etc, right?



Okay, so the syringes are yet another delay. How quick can you get these out? Would a Wal Mart pharmacy have some like the ones we need? If not, any alternatives you can think of?

The other expoxy seems to be working great. I got some of the LocTite 1 minute set and 5 minute set. All looks good so far.

I did buy the exact acrylic cement you recommended. Stuff works like magic.

I also noticed in the video you are using a hand controller to control the ROV. I thought it would come with one? Does it use the software in the web browser to control it?

Thanks for the help.


Hey David,

Yeah, the video is a bit out of date- now the ROV plugs directly into a laptop (or any other devise with an Ethernet port) and you can control it directly from that!

Also, I saw on info@openrov that some other parts were missing from your kit. Sorry about that- it seems like what may have happened is that the box was closed prematurely before those last items were added. Anyway, thanks for bearing with us and we'll try to get you some replacement parts right away.

I don't know if the syringes you'll need are sold in stores, but the part number is REF 309628 in case you want to check. They sell large boxes of them on Amazon as well, but I think we'll be able to get some to you before that would arrive.

Anyway, please keep us in the loop with how the rest of the build goes. I'm REALLY anxious to see what the potting looks like with the hardware store epoxy. Send some photos! Also, let us know if you do any pressure testing. If this works well, it could save people a lot of time and money compared to the stuff we've been using.

Thanks for the feedback,



What do you mean by potting?



Oh- "filling with epoxy"... for instance, if you wanted to protect a circuit board, you might decide to "pot the circuit board" which means to put it in some sort of container and fill it with a special type of epoxy also known as a "potting compound". They're really about the same thing.

What I meant is when you fill the endcap with the epoxy you got, I'd love to see what it looks like!



Can I post pictures in here? It looks tight, filled in nicely. I submerged it into a pitcher of water. No leaks, but little pressure.


yeah, you should be able to post photos right on this page! There is usually an icon for it if you start a new forum post, but also you can just use the “upload files” button below.


Here is a shot of the back of one of the battery tubes using the Loctite Epoxy. 5 minute set time. Looked to have sealed up nicely.


Here is a shot of the side of the rear of the battery tube.


That should do it! Are you pretty happy with how the turned out? I guess the big test will be potting the endcap for the main tube. Do you think you'll be doing that with the same epoxy?



Yeah, I think it works well. I'll be trying the same on the main tube when I get there. I mean, worst case scenario I just need to order the replacement tube parts right?


Hi David,

Being based in a civilized part of the world (UK) ;) I've also struggled to obtain Loctite Hysol E90, instead i've used Loctite Hysol 3421. It has good resistance to water immersion, bonds well to plastic and has a several hours working time before it begins to cure.

Best regards,



I've even considered using hot glue to pot the endcaps, but haven't gotten around to testing that yet. David- if you choose to use the epoxy you have for the main endcap, it's a pretty big commitment, because you'll have already prepped your motors and battery tubes to have the wires running through. It's possible that you could pot arbitrarily long lengths of wire through the endcap first, then solder on the motors and battery tubes after the fact (in order to not be at such a loss for time if it doesn't work out) but I've never tried it that way.


In my experience using "Plastic Bonding" and even "Marine" Loctite epoxies is that they become very brittle after long use in water. Personally I think it would work fine for this application (potting) since it doesn't require much tensile strength, rather just being able to seal the wires. From my previous experience hardware store epoxy will for for potting.