Feedback from the Field (Trident Kickstarter Update #27)

Feedback from the Field (Trident Kickstarter Update #27)

Original post : December 12, 2017

Hello everyone,

We’re continuing to ship Tridents out to the first batch of beta users. So far, the feedback has been positive, and we’re getting some incredible footage and stories.

If you’ve missed our posts on social media, you may have missed this awesome video we got back from a Trident diving with sea lions near the Farallon Islands.

Sea lions near the Farallon Islands

Another community member filmed some educational programming in Australia, and (with permission from the producer) we have a clip from that here:

Diving the Trident - finding Dusky Morwongs from Barbara Lloyd (HDV Diva) on Vimeo.

We’ve also gotten some great feedback from some early beta users on social media such as this post from one of our community members on Facebook.

As we continue to gather feedback, we’re growing more confident in the production process. There are already a few process and design changes we're making based on what we've learned from the beta program so far. For example, we noticed that one of the pins on our tether connector was oxidizing when left wet after high numbers of saltwater dives due to how it was attached to our internal electronics. The fix for this was fairly straightforward and we’ve already instituted the necessary changes in our motherboard, but we’re happy we’ve been doing beta testing to find these types of issues early. Production and shipping will continue to steadily scale from here.

Feedback from the Field (Trident Kickstarter Update #27)Early beta units preparing to ship

Trident Controller

Since the beginning, we've fielded questions about the best device to use for controlling Trident, and many users indicated they'd like a dedicated controller for the system. We heard these requests loud and clear, and we've made it happen. We’ve vetted a custom handheld console that we feel is optimal in many ways for making deployments easy and effective. There are many Android phones and tablets that work very well for controlling the vehicle, especially when paired with external joysticks that allow for tactile control, but if you want a controller with everything built into one device, the system we’re recommending is a great way to go.

Feedback from the Field (Trident Kickstarter Update #27)The OpenROV Trident Controller

You can pre-order the new Trident Controller directly from our store. It comes with OpenROV Cockpit pre-installed, has a great battery life (even with the screen constantly on), and also features high-sensitivity joysticks that allow for very precise control of the vehicle. One element of the controller we’re particularly excited about is a mini HDMI output port - so you can easily display your dive on a much larger screen or FPV goggles.

Feedback from the Field (Trident Kickstarter Update #27)Mini HDMI output port makes it easy to share your dive with others

Accessory Platform Design

Now that we have locked down Trident’s design and are in production, we’d like to empower more people to get involved with building their own accessories for Trident. To help with that, we’ve published a STEP file for the outer profile of Trident on Github. This model includes the mounting hole pattern located on the bottom of Trident, which should be useful for anyone who’d like to attach external devices to the vehicle. We’ll also publish more about the interface between these devices and Trident’s onboard WiFi for communications shortly.

Of course, we’re always interested in what accessories people would like to see available for their Trident, so if there are specific payloads that you think OpenROV should look into, please feel free to suggest those here!

We’re really excited to have finally reached this step, and will continue sharing feedback and information from the beta program with you. We expect to complete the beta phase in January, and will begin fulfilling orders as our production line scales up. Stay tuned for more information about this in the next month.

Thank you very much!


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I[quote=“Blog, post:1, topic:6040”]
interested in what accessories people would like to see available for their Trident, so if there are specific payloads that you think OpenROV should look into, please feel free to suggest those here!

I have forwarded a list of equipment/accessories that should be considered to be included in a Trident delivery & pricelist. The community should «vote» for the most interesting items that should be prioritized. The list should be complemented with items from other members and made available for «voting»


I got the opportunity to have a look at and test the Trident for the first time on Saturday the 10th of February. It was one of the Beta Tridents being field tested in Norway.

The first impression when opening the hard case was that the Trident was smaller than expected, especially the width. Not necessarily a bad thing. When picking it up I felt a sense of quality, it’s pretty heavy for the size and feels very solid. The tether connection is genious, very nicely designed. Hopefully it will stand the test of time and use.

I’ve seen a couple of unboxing videos of the Trident and I was impressed about how quickly it’s up and running and ready for use. Just connect the tether, wait about a minute while it boots up, open the app on the JXD gamepad and lower the Trident in to the sea by it’s tether. Very easy to use.

Once in the sea the image quality is really impressive, the OpenROV guys didn’t lie when they said it had a great camera! One feature that seemed to be missing was the ability to take still pictures, hopefully this will be added in a later software update.

It took me about ten minutes to get the hang of the controls, after that I found it very easy to hover around an object on the sea floor to study it. It was possible to make very fine control inputs to do precision movements without bumping in to things.

There seemed to be some issues with the depth/speed indicator, it felt sticky. Sometimes I had to fly the Trident more than a meter up or down before the depth meter changed. I also had some issues with the video feed freezing for a few seconds, it happened about four times during our dive. I don’t know if this was an issue with the Trident, gamepad or Wi-Fi. More testing needed.

We used the 25m tether, I found tether management to be a bit of a pain, hopefully it will be better with the 100 meter tether which comes on a reel. It would be nice if a rotation counter could be added to the OSD to keep track of how many times the ROV had rotated 360°. A “nice to have” request, please include two straps in the Trident kit. one to hold the tether to the tail of the Trident and one to secure the topside to something so it doesn’t get pulled in to the sea.

I didn’t test the 100m tether, but I have som thoughts on it. To reach a depth of 100m with the Trident, the tether should be longer. There are almost always some current in the water that pulls on the tether and wind to push the boat while anchored. The tether should be 125-150m to compensate for that. If you are worried that people will go deeper than 100m, you can have a software depth limiter. One easy solution for people that have already paid for and received their tethers is to offer an extension joiner to connect the 25m and 100m tether together.

Overall I’m very impressed with the Trident and I can’t wait to get mine! I ordered mine in May 2016 and I got an email i December 2017 saying my unit should be shipped by end of March 2018.
The issues are very minor and will probably be fixed in a software update before release.


Very nice of you to share this information with us, and also very good feedback that I hope that OpenROV considers before shipping the final version of the tridents. Especially the extension joiner to connect the two tethers together sounds like a good idea. It would give you a bit more freedom to move around even the few times you go down to 100 meters. I bet that even at 80-90 meters down you don’t have that much slack on the tether to move around very freely.

I can’t wait to get mine either :slight_smile: I have already bought the JXD controller, but I can’t find the Trident cockpit app in the play store. Did you get like a QR code with the Trident so you could download the app, or how did you do it?



Den er god Asbjørn.

Jeg holder på å installere en ny firmware på Trident.

Fikk en Mail med en lite video instruksjon,

Ser ut til å funket greit, men det tok litt tid å laste ned og da han kompisen på videoen prate litt kjapt!

Ikke helt i mål ennå!



Hi Peter,

The app is currently private and only available to BETA users at the time. If you would like to download the app for testing, please email However, it is currently only in BETA mode.


Hi Nicole!

No worries, I don’t have the need for the app until I get the Trident. I just was a bit worried that the app was country specific or something like that :slight_smile:

But thank you for offering me to try it anyway! I wish that DJI would have half the support for their customers as you have for yours :smile: