Feedback from a newbie


My son got the OpenRov for Christmas and we are putting it together as a father/son project.

There isn't as much from him to do as I had hoped (he's 11) but its still been a great project for the two of us to work on. He's also getting to learn how to solder.

General feedback (from a true beginner!):

1. I have learned I hate acrylic welding! Everything will be strong enough, but I've learned I have no skills at all when it comes to keeping the "glue" from going in unwanted places. I got the glue all over the place. It might not be a thing of beauty, but at least it should be strong. Has anyone ever tried using a traditional plunger syringe rather than a bottle to apply this stuff?

2. 100% my fault, but I screwed up step 41. When placing the (2) acrylic rings (blade shrouds), there isn't much guidance on how far forward or back the rings should be placed. I slid them all the way to a stop towards the inside of assembly. I believe this was a mistake because now when the motors are mounted, the props stick out just past the shrouds. Again, my mistake, but clarifying this in the next set of instructions may help prevent the same mistake by other dummies like me. This won't cause a problem will it?

Overall the instructions and kit have been amazing! I'm almost at the point of powering up for the first time, but I'm already sad that this project is almost done (remind me I said this as I curse trying to get all the software loaded and working right). I'm already thinking of tweaks I might try if I build another unit.

Thanks for the kit and all the great info!


Hello Ryan,

Thanks for the feedback on the instructions. As far as the acrylic goes that is a bit tricky ya. You have to hold it just right sometimes to keep everything working out perfect. On step 41 you were correct actually in your assembly. The 2.6 version of the ROV body has this fixed so the props don't stick out like that. I have made a bunch of 2.5's and they all have the props sticking out like yours.

How has your tether worked out? We just spent a while untangling some because I messed up on that part. Make sure to check out the tether management section of the dozuki here for tips before you go out in the water!

Have a good day,



That makes me feel better.

I haven't figured out my long term tether strategy let. For now, I just have it on a normal spool.

I'd like to build a spool like the gentleman did in the tether forum where he used an audio jack as a down and dirty slip ring. Once I get that far, I'd like to go one further and find a waterproof connector that I could put closed to the ROV body so that all the components (body, tether, computer) are all modular and easier to pack/ship.

Does anyone have submersible waterproof connectors they've used/recommend for the tether?



Where do we find information about the 2.6 build? As I understand it the 2.5 end caps are being modified in the 2.6 build.


I used a traditional syringe & needle, and found it exceptionally easy to control (most of the time). It was supplied by an acrylic sign company who also supplied me the acrylic glue - and I understand that this is what they generally use themselves.



Launched in the bath tub tonight and everything seems to work great.

Here are some observations/questions:

1. Are there any links to suggestions on driving/flying the ROV? The ROV floats in the water with the front end tipped up about 20°. How do I correct this? Did I build something wrong or do people sometimes hang weights off the front threaded rod?

2. I was surprised by the control layout. The left arrow was forward, right was reverse, I think up was a starboard turn and down a left turn. I guess I expected up to be forward, left port turn, right starboard turn, and down reverse. Is there a way to remap these keys or should I just get use to the way its layer out.

3. If I plug an Xbox controller into my Mac, will Cockpit automatically recognize commands from that controller or do I have to toggle something to switch between keyboard and controller?

4. The only real problem I had during the first launch was that the "Capture" feature didn't seem to work. The button is just under the video screen but did not seem to be selectable. What should I try next? Does it take video or pictures? How do I record each?

5. With fully charged 26650 batteries, approximately how long should I be able to use the ROV?



PS: For anyone who saw my thread about the camera servo, I put an HS-82MG (metal gears) servo in tonight and it works great. To make sure nothing stripped this time, I didn't move the servo manually at all. I powered everything up and with the servo set in the A position (middle), then mounted the arm in the vertical position.


Thank you for this feedback! We have a kit in the mail and when it arrives a classroom of high schoolers will be putting it together. I had planned to have them do some practice acrylic projects that would help them gain some experience with the process and after reading your experience we will definitely be doing this.


As noted above, I am very new to this so take my advice with a grain of salt...

I think I figured out why I was having so much trouble with the acrylic glue. The BOM in Google docs links to the TAP plastics website where you can purchase the glue applicators. I was already buying a few things from McMaster Carr so I decided to buy the applicators through them rather than place an order with another vendor. TAP lists the needle for the syringe as 16 gauge so thats what I bought and used (even though I was using the bottle). Big mistake!

I was at a plastics supplier today and told them about my challenges and asked what they used. The bottles they had had a 25 gauge needle on them - a fraction of the diameter of the 16 gauge. I'm guessing that's where I screwed up and things would have gone much better if I had used the smaller diameter applicator. Lesson learned!