Feature: fly-by-wire


aka fly by set point. The system should dynamically change the target heading or depth as the user changes the controls. If done right, the user should still feel like they have direct control of the thrusters on the ROV. The system will automatically compensate for tether pull and other dynamic forces making the ROV easier to fly.

This feature should address the following github issues:

Acoustic Location System

I have just recently built the 2.8 openrov, What I would like to know
is, if the Fly-by-Wire application in the cockpit is functional.
the reason Im asking as I have done some tests at our local marina
with the Openrov, once put into the Fly-By-Wire mode (G) does not accept
any inputs from the keyboard…
Thanks in advance!


Hi Ivar,

Currently, the only control schemes available in the current version of cockpit are manual control and depth lock (n) + heading lock (m). We will be doing a lot of work soon on improving the controls and adding a true fly-by-wire mode. I expect these changes to be ready for beta testing here in the next two months.


Hi Charles
Excellent, I thought I had wired something wrong!!!