Fathom One software?

I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I’ll give it a try. I bought a Fathom One, unfortunately just before they went belly up. I had software for it on my iPhone, but after an IOS update it stopped working, and it is no longer available on the App Store. So my question is: is there any software available for this drone, or is it simply junk? Any help/advise would be appreciated.

The “right place” is wherever you can get an answer in the case of the Fathom LOL! I have multiple threads out there on it in 4 different forums right now… Actually go take a read here: Advice for using/hacking ST16 for Fathom ROV Seriously, go at least skim through that. There is a TON of information on the fathom in that thread. There are some things you should probably check out too.

Shortest answer, go get an android tablet. I grabbed the cheapest tablet I could at Walmart, a $49 ONN.

DISCLAIMER: I am not sure how well the Onn actually works. But I was able to find the software on Google Play and download it to the Onn. The other Androids I have available were not compatible. I even tried sideloading it on a couple devices.

Mine never actually connected to my Fathom, but I had a bad topside access point, and a bad tether connection. I was however able to download the software and poke about in it. Then I messed up my image file before getting all the repairs made…

For IOS, you are probably out of luck. Apple has done this weird thing where they no longer show any software not comparable with your device. With an older MacBook, you MIGHT be able to find it. But you would still need a device to load the software to. I will pull out my old 4s and see if I can locate and download it… (Of course, it is dead dead and has to charge, I will get back on that once it decides to power up.) I tried several iPads, no luck.

As for your Fathom being junk, DEFINITELY NOT! It is a pretty amazing platform. There were some “gotchas” though… Not sure what serial number you have, mine is 286 and they apparently were having some quality control problems by this point. (I won’t burn up this thread talking about that, its all well documented in the Yuneec Forum thread lol)

I could REALLY REALLY use your help! I DESPERATELY need the image on a Fathom Raspberry Pi SD card. If you are willing/able to help me get a working image off your card, I will make a nice donation to help you towards an Android.

I gave up on anyone having an image file, or there being anyone left with a Fathom who would actually pop up on the forums.

There is an alternative to the whole Fathom One control system… You could start down the path I am on. As mentioned, I gave up on the Fathom System and I am deep down the rabbit hole in converting mine over to the ArduSub operating system. The way I have done it though, it should be easy to run it on either system. I really would like to get mine online with a simple tablet running the Fathom One software.

This is not an easy path to take though. I have lots of experience getting away with dumb ideas (I am a mechanic lol) so while tearing mine apart and getting it unposted from the foam was nerve racking, but I wasn’t too concerned with ending up with a pile of useless junk. BTW both the Fathom One and the ArduSub operating systems utilize a Raspberry Pi 3 B. ArduSub simply adds in a PixHawk and doesn’t require using the Fathom Power Delivery/control Board.

Alright I also tried out a 5S that was still brand new in box, never updated, no dice. It appears to have been completely pulled from the Apple Store.