Fan like noise inside/laggy streaming/developer questions

Ok guys,

Please give me some information on how your tridents function to mine.

Do you:

Have a fan/whooshing noise when placing your ear on the trident when powered on? (I’m not suggesting there is a fan, just the sound of one like a pc fan)

Have a muddy looking 720/1080p stream? A lack of detail and sharpness

Have a noticeable lag time between streaming what moves in front of the camera ( test it by waving your hand in front of it and note the delay) * I have no idea what sub ~ 120 ms lag (as advertised) is meant to look like, so an example would be nice.

Have stuttering/glitches when streaming to device using h264 decoder.

  • Developers

Please explain the latency quality that we should expect

Would using hevc instead of h264 give us crisper streaming?

Please give the community some details on any upcoming patches, a progress list for development updates of hardware/software

For reference, I am using a Samsung s7 and a Galaxy tablet SEE which both suppot h.264

I actually emailed them about this same noise a few months ago, and here is the response I got:

So what I think you are hearing is the motors. When the motors aren’t being used we’ve coded the motors to rest in this 0 Amp state instead of turning them off for the sake of quick movements/maneuvers. What we’ve found that is that depending on the orientation of the magnets in the motors during that state it hits this weird frequency that makes that noise you’re listening to. To test if this is the noise you are actually hearing you can manually move the props with your fingers and the noise should stop. We’re actually working on so it won’t make noise in this state anymore.

In terms of latency, you are going to have to film a video with a camera showing both real-life motion, as well as the tablet output, at the same time, so that the latency can be measured. You can then measure the number of frames between the movement and when the tablet shows the difference. If the latency is too high, its probably a poor quality WiFi connection and perhaps interference.

Changing the codec from h264 to something else probably won’t change the latency much, it might compress the data a bit more, but that doesn’t affect latency too much.

Hey thanks Wayne3.

I’m in contact with support. The motor test didn’t work for me, I get different noise that changes frequency when operating the motors at different speeds.

I’m not sure how that will affect my underwater mic but will have to wait and see.

Lag check has been done and it’s as advertised. I was hoping for less lag time. I think sub 50 ms would be ideal. I’m not sure if that’s possible through software and if it affects run time but it would be great to have a more responsive stream.