Faller as replacement for recommended acrylic cement



Does anyone have experience with the following products as replacements for recommended acrylic cement?

  • Faller 170490 Super-Expert
  • Faller 170492 Expert
  • Faller 170494 Expert Lasercut


You really want an acrylic solvent that melts the acrylic pieces together instead of a glue. The Lasercut one sounds like it would be cool for laser cut acrylic but I would look for something that is made for acrylic specifically and calls itself a solvent instead of a glue.

If somebody has tried these and they work that's cool though!


acrylic cement (American Word) = methylenchlorid or dichlormethan

Information comes from Danish website dealing with acrylic items.

http://www.acrylplader.dk/217-146-limning.htm (Sorry Danish!)

But there are 2 videos on how to glue

Faller lasercut models are made of paper, at least ones I have for my H0 railroad, so I don't think that will be best option for gluing.