Extra Wires in End Cap


Hey Guys,

So way back when I built my ROV I forgot to pot the 6 extra wires along with all of the battery and motor control wires in the endcap. I recently received my IMU/Depth Sensor and was faced with the problem of connecting it. I decided to just make another hole in the endcap and pot the wires in like the others.

I filled the inner side with hot glue to stop the epoxy from just flowing through. After that I flipped it over and potted the wires, making sure to get rid of any air pockets.

When I went to put everything back together I noticed that part of the internal frame was interfering with the wire bundle. I figured it wasnt 100% necessary for the structural integrity of the ROV so I "modified" it (cut it with a hacksaw)

This is how it ended up fitting together.

It works so far, with no leaks (fingers crossed it stays that way). I know this may not be the ideal fix but it's working for me and it may come in handy for anyone trying to attach more cool stuff to an existing ROV.