External power supply connections


I’m planning to power up the ROV with an external power supply. At the moment, I’m using a typical 12V, 2A DC adaptor. I’ve bundled the ground wires of the DB-25 (black with green strip, black with orange strip) and connected to the adaptor ground. Similarly, I’ve bundeled the power wires of the DB-25 (green and orange) and connected them to the power lid of the adaptor. When I connect the DB-25 connector to the control board, only for a moment one of the LEDs on the board turns on and then quickly turn off. And of course I can’t connect to the board through the browser. Does anybody know possibly know what might be the issue?


The power light flicker is normal. You also have to put voltage across the tether lines to trigger the power switch. I believe you can put more than 5V but someone should validate that.


Thanks! You are right, I forgot the 5V!


If you are attempting to power a complete ROV you may also need a bigger supply. A 12V/2A plugpack won’t be sufficient to handle the inrush of the ESCs on power up, which causes issues with the beaglebone starting up. You can try turning off all the ESCs, but I suspect you may still have some issues at startup. When I was bench testing my ROV, I was using a 6A lab supply (newer supplies are likely better than this) and still found I had to turn off the ESCs to get the BBB to boot reliably, after this I was able to turn on the ESCs one at a time and operate the ROV normally.


Thanks Adam! I’ll keep that in mind.