External Lights Take 2



My first attempt at external lights worked fine, but it was large and difficult to mount. So I designed and 3D printed some new lights, that look like this:

Like the last lights, I then filled them with epoxy to waterproof the electronics, but left the very top of the LEDs exposed. If someone has tried this before and thinks that is a bad idea, let me know. I could have sunk them in the epoxy, but I thought light transmission and heat dispersion would work better this way.

I printed out a bar with two mounting points and hot glued it to the top of the ROV. So the whole fixture looks like this:

Initial testing in a dark room is promising. There does not seem to be any of the internal reflections that the lights inside the tube give. We do not get as much light pointing down, however. Maybe I should have put one light below and one above? Thoughts?

Anyway, so far so good. Now I just need to see how it works in dark water…

External Lights and our second trip to the Dater Mine
My ROV for college project

Looks great! There’s a thought, 3D printing light enclosures that can go in the GoPro Mounts. I like it and hope to see some video soon!


@chrisethompson these lights are looking fantastic! Great work!

We too have been working on external lights here at OpenROV HQ for some time now and are just about at a design to release. We are getting through final testing before we release them. We should have these up in the [experimental][1] part of the webstore next month and would love to hear feedback from the community about how to improve the design. We know a lot of people are working on similar lights and want to combine all of the great knowledge so every ROV can have the brightest, best looking, and useful lights.

These little cubes wire directly into the power PWM channel on a 2.8 (and with a little modification on previous controller boards as well) and the channel can support two lights. They are ~750 lumens each.

The mounting idea of using the adjustable mounts on the top looks fantastic and gives some good ideas about how to mount external lights.

Happy hacking and please keep sharing your awesome accessories and inspiring others!
[1]: http://store.openrov.com/collections/experimental

Price of Trident!

Hello Brian,

What will be the Price of the lights ?



I am still waiting to hear back from a couple of people with final quotes and determining what the assembly time is for us (they will be pre-made and not as a kit). I can give you a better estimate once I have all the information. Ball park number of somewhere between $60-90 (I know it is a wide range).


Ok, thank you for the Information


@chrisethompson, any chance you remember where you got your LEDs? I’m looking to do something similar and don’t know where to start when buying LEDs for this kind of thing.



I got all of the LEDs from mouser.com. It’s a bit of a process and you need to hunt through for the ones you want. I used mouser part number 710-158563440, but they are only 45 lumen. With 4 I get 180 lumens.

My objective was to have the same amount of light as the internal lights, but outside the tube. It has worked well, but I am now working on some brighter lights as well. Before you go down that route, remember that they will get hot! The 45 lumen lights do not get hot at all.


@Marla I don’t want to take away from what @chrisethompson has to say because we love to see people designing their own components for their ROVs, but we also sell external lights in our store. These are 700 lumen each light cubes that are easy to integrate into an OpenROV system, or other underwater system.

It is currently listed as sold out because the first batch sold much faster than expected, but it will be back in the store in about 2 weeks.

Let me know if you have any questions about these lights, and please continue designing and sharing your ideas!


If you want high powered lights then I think @Brian_Grau is right. But my BOM was less than $5 for the lights (given I already had a 3D printer) and another $5 for the epoxy. So $10 for two lights. Good if all you want to do is move the lights outside the tube.

I took some photos during my build if anyone wants any more details.



@chrisethompson I think it would be beneficial to the community if you did share the photos!

Ya our BOM is a little more expensive since the LED is more expensive and we had a lot more heat to deal with.

For glare reduction purposes I think your lights are wonderful :slight_smile:


Whoa! Cool lights!

Community hack?


@Brian_Grau, the external lights sound excellent! Unfortunately, they are sold out at the moment and we really need a pair by the middle of this week for an underwater photography class we are taking. Any chance you have a few spares lying around we could purchase? :slight_smile: