External Lights and our second trip to the Dater Mine


This is a progress report on exploration of the Dater Mine and the external lights that I made

Here is a still from the Dater Mine Dive we did a few weeks ago. You can see the reflections from the internal lights. If you watch the movie, then you can see this is as bad as it gets because the lights are on full, but as a consequence we do most of the dive with the lights down really low and its still not much better.

The still below is from the video of our most recent trip to the mine. You can see the difference with external lighting. This is the same amount of light as the internal lights on full. Not really enough for this dark space, but no reflections inside the tube to interfere with the view.

We do use the internal lights a bit in this second dive and you can see the reflections are not as bad. That is because I put dark foam as a light baffle around the camera. I also put freshly baked silica gel in the tube before we left home and did not open the tube at the dive site.

The mine is still a very difficult environment to explore. Watch the video to see how we struggled.