External lights: alternatives to the light cubes



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We are doing primarily deep lake diving (>50 m) and are really struggling with the internal lights. The glare from the internal lights make it a struggle to navigate and the limited illuminated distance makes it difficult to locate the flighty fish that we are searching for.

The external light cubes seemed perfect, but weren’t fast enough and they are now sold out.

Does anyone have experience with other types of external lights?

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The cubes will be available soon!



I made my own from 9v led bought on Ebay. Am using them without constant current regulator, since the regulator took to much power from the LED’s. I printed the housings with a 3d printer, and potted the led with epoxy, used epoxy up to the led itself, but didn’t cover the led. Only drawback on these leds without regulator, is that the light is dimming when running the thrusters hard, but I don’t experience this as a problem. And you have to avoid running these on full power in air, they’ll get too hot. They runs with app 700mA each, on full power. So far tested down to 36m, will soon go deeper with them.

My ROV for college project

Looks nice. I just ordered some of these to try out. Can you explain where you made the connection for the lights? Do you have full control of these from the Cockpit? Thanks!


I conncted these to wires available (OpenRov 2.8). Don’t remember the colours, but I found it somewhere here on the forum what wires that is for external lights. Then I set up in cloud9 what controls to use for controlling the lights. So I can control the internal and external lights independent. It’s also dimming in steps, just like the internal lights. So far I have not used them on full power (just for testing), because it’s too much light, generating reflections from water etc. Guess it can be useful on full power in clear water when dark. In cloud9 the codes for external lights is in another folder than the other ones, remember I had to look around a bit in the folders before I found it. Let me know if you need help to identify the wires, and the cloud9 code, and I’ll check it out for you. I potted the leds up to the led surface, but did not cover the surface. So far I’ve had a lot of dives, deepest 50m, and they’ve been working without a glitch.


Thank you, that answers my questions. Just need the lights to try it out now.


Where in the cloud9 do i set or change the control keys?