External Light cube using Arduino



We need the external light cube LEDs ON/OFF to be controlled using our Arduino Mega. We have tried to use H-bridge but I guess it does not work since the current is low. We have tried to use it with our motor controller but that did not work also. What would be best to use and what do you recommend? Arduino Relay module? … etc


You should be able to drive a light cube with an H-bridge or a relay board or something like that, but you’re going to need at least 8 volts or so to make it work. If your H-bridge was only delivering 5V to the cube, or was delivering backwards polarity, then you’re not going to get any light from it.

Here’s an example of a shield that is similar to the way the LEDs are driven on OpenROV.

Hope that helps.



Thank you it helped, but I got confused about the backwards polarity, does it mean it should have a one direction current? (half-bridge) If not, how can I check its polarity from the specification of an H-bridge?
Will an L293D H-bridge work? Voltage ranges from 6V to 36 V. Its data sheet: http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/l293.pdf