Exploring a 152 year old paddle wheeler



The ship is located at a depth of 400 feet – approximately 21 meters beyond the ROV’s intended capability. Most of the hull is either buried or missing due to the explosion so there wouldn’t be a whole lot to see other than some wooden planks sticking up from the bottom. Lastly, several legal hurdles would need to be overcome (I have no idea what is involved at this moment. I imagine a permit of some kind).

However, I think it would be awesome to get hi-def video of the Onondaga, a ship that was deliberately demolished by explosives in the middle of Seneca lake.

It would also be a great way to push the limits on the design and perform historical research.


This looks great! I think it'd be great to reach out to Jim Kennard. He's found so many wrecks in the Great Lakes, and I'm sure he's got some great ideas on how to use a swarm of OpenROVs.


You, read my mind! Once I hit the milestone of having a functioning OpenROV tested at depth, I'm hoping to reach out to him for navigation assistance (both nautically and bureaucratically).


I’m a diver that has limited
Experience both diving on and
dropping A “fish tv” on both
oneida lake and Some st Lawrence
wrecks. Been After whatever
remains of the “Frontenac” on
cayuga lake. Let me know when
U get ur rov up. Will share some
Grids with u.