Expeditions to Follow!


Every week, I'm going to pick out 3 Expeditions I'm following on OpenExplorer that we think you'll like to know about. Of course, there are many more worth following, but here are a few I'm excited about:

Lost Artifacts in the Salton Sea

One of the most exciting and interesting parts of an expedition is doing background research on any prior work. Sometimes you find clues. Sometimes you uncover leads. This group is showing the thrills of that process.

Florida Keys Non-invasive Archeology

Planning and preparing for an expedition goes much further than just acquiring the right tools. This group is doing a great job explaining everything that goes into becoming a non-invasive archeologist or citizen scientist.

Starless in Seattle

Much has been made about Sea Star Wasting Syndrome along the Pacific Coast. These women are out to collect more observational data.