Expedition Boat - From a rotting corpse to something...useful?


Greetings Enthusiasts!

It has been some time since I’ve updated on my various projects and so forth, due to unexpected travel over the last two months. But hopefully I will be able to bring some of these bits across the finish line in the next few weeks. One turn of fortune over the last month or so, I inherited a boat. It’s a little rough, but has been determined that the only off bits are the seats and flooring, all other components, including the 200+ hp Ford 302 V8 engine, are in good shape. Some colleagues and I are refurbishing the best over the next few months, with an additional of a “dark room” ROV station and A-frame winch system for heavier duty kits.

1977 AMF Crestliner 17ft sleeper ( aka it doesn’t look like a muscle boat…but it is) 302 Ford V8 200+ HP ~50 mph, OMF stern drive…and it’s blue.

I had to dig out the wheels and replace the tires of the trailer, relocate a hornets nest, and started clean-up. Hopefully ot will be exploring the Chesapeake by spring.


Looks like you got a great project boat @Jim_N! I’ll be interested to see what mods you put into her. You’ll probably have the fastest research vessel in the group!


I’ll keep you posted. Also think I’ll promote it as a ROV expedition boat for any OpenROVers who might be in the area or travel. we shall see!


One word! Bilge blower, better yet 2 bilge blowers!
Thes have an awkward habbit of dribbling gas from the carbureted engine!
You may also be able to trade the 302 Ford engine for a 4 cylinder Chevy Motor as the 302 is very popular as a small block Ford V8 in theBoss 302 Mustang… Hence blown up quite often…, converter plates and engine mounts ate easily avilable!


Ha! indeed. Actually had a 429 once…

Second that about the blowers.


and inner tubes in the " tubeless"tires…that way they will not be flat
when you go to leave…and keep it below 60mph…on the road that is!

Hull probably OK…doesn’t freeze much there but check if it has frozen in
the last 5 years or so… not much likely hood of sunlight damage on the