Exciting 1st day of 1st test


Weather has not been great over here in Bisbane Australia but I’ve had some flight testing & initial product testing in the pool.
Yesterday we took a long drive to a National Park & found a large fresh water rock pool to test in. After about an hour I learnt quickly to keep fwd movement in shallow areas to keep the silt & bottom from clouding up. I had a lot of pitching troubles but gained some skills quick enough to counter lag. Well at least I think that’s what it was. While keeping close to the bottom so the camera focus clearly on the rooms and water plants, we saw many small fish and shrimp darting around. I’m quite glad I figured out some flying skills cricket has all of a sudden in the murky water I saw a blur of a large fish. Moving forward slowly with controlled forward thrust, a picture emerged of a wild perch right in front of me. I’m glad it has no audio on the controller as you would’ve heard human squealing like young girls over the excitement of seeing her first large wild perch. I was able to slowly follow the fish for about a minute and a half and amazement turn sideways to give us a side profile to better determine the type of fish. Unfortunately later inspection of the video showed it move away to the right quicker than I had noticed and our excitement ended.
To be able to see another world in a way that hasn’t been experienced by many is just amazing. I’m still in field but excited enough to share my short clip for you all :grinning: watch and enjoy as we have :grinning::+1:

“Video”Australian Wild Perch click me


@hunigraphics - Thanks for the report! It was very cool to see the perch come out of the haze. Looking forward to seeing more of your ROV adventures!


G’day hunigraphics, its great to know there’s another Trident in the local area.