European dealers



I wonder if there's dealers in Europe that have the rov in stock.

Can anyone help?



I haven't seen or heard of any dealers / Suppliers

Best Regards



Dear Ole and Carsten, fellow OpenROVers friends,

I also haven't heard of any dealers in Europe so far but I know the OpenROV guys are working on that so that by 2015 we could see more clearly =) By the way I am involved in an OpenROV Community on Facebook, especially for OpenROVers based in Germany: and in Europe:

Feel free to join us as well as to invite all your circles and contacts that you know they would be interested as well. Let's widen the OpenROV European Community together!

Thanks and talk to you soon on OpenROV Europe =)




Thanks for the info, and I look forward to 2015. Maybe version 2.18 is out then ;-)

I'm not on facebook.