EU bom, and some questions


Hi. Since there is no bom for the EU, I've been trying to locate were you can buy all the (electronics) stuff on the internet.

Google docs:

BeagleBone black and OpenRov controller board -

Genius F100 HD USB Webcam -, seems to be free shipping to many european countries.

Tenda Homeplug Adapter Set -;,;

Also, here is the cost of shipping to Europe from

Is it ok to use any region of the Tenda t200? Obviously the UK version looks different than the US on the outside.

AX-2213N 800kV brushless motor -, EU warehouse.

Hitec HS-81 servo -, EU warehouse

Batteries & battery loader - really should not be a problem finding in ur country or even in ur home town.

EZRUN 18A brushless motor ESC -, international shipping.

Digitron 87lm LED light array - (here is where I need help). Could u use any of these LEDs; ?

Could not find the ones linked from ur US bom in a EU webshop...

USB Voltage Adapter, MIKROE-658 -

Ship to many countries in the EU.

So here is a EU bom for the electronics. Although the problem with which LED we should use still remain, so please can someone answer that question?


Just ordered controller board+bbb :)

Noticed that the shippment for the USB Voltage Adapter was 20€, which is useless!


Just ordered tenda homelug adapter;, ESC;,

and motors;