ETS balun placement



anyone have a picture of the ETS placement? I've tried several spots, but the case is always proud of the E-chassis. The male tail plug fouls the servo, unless I skew the Beaglebone, then the tail fouls the AUX power jack.

About the only spot I can get the ETS to fit is on top of the servo. I'm considering hot glueing the ETS to the servo at this stage. There is no clearance b/w servo - ETS and camera body. The tail is bent to a tight radius putting load on the plug.

Here is my attempt:

ETS balun placement


Took this of a completed ROV @ the last build day for a reference start point.


Yikes! We'll have a prettier one up today.

I had to get that one in the tube quickly, so it's not the prettiest layout.

But yes, I've had the best luck with the ETS balun almost "sitting" on top of the camera plate.