Ethernet Connection drops intermittently



I use an ethernet cable to connect to openROV. My connection drops intermittently for no specific reason. If I try to reconnect immediately, it connects without any problem. It drops again in a minute or two.

Any ideas why this is happening?


A bit more information may be needed.

How long is the cable?

Is this standard 4 Twisted Pair?

Are you using any transceivers between the ROV and Computer?

Did you put the RJ45 connectors on yourself? if you did make sure you are using the correct wire pairs to the correct pins. this could cause the problem you described. If no transceivers are being used then two twisted pairs are in being used out of the 4 in the cable.


Thanks for your reply.

Here are the answers to your questions.

The cable is 3 m long.

It is a standard twisted pair cable.

There are no transceivers between the ROV and computer.

We did not make the connectors ourselves, it was commercially made. It works with other devices without any issues.

Thanks again.


If you have not already tried , use Goggle Chrome as your browser or Firefox.


The network connection stopped dropping when I disabled my wireless network adapter!


Great to hear that you have resolved your issues.