ESC's are no longer being produced


It looks like the original ESCs are no longer in production and have been replaced by the 24290.

I just received mine in the mail and they don’t have the programming button next to the power switch like the old model did. Instead they are supposed to be programmed with the RC throttle. I’m guessing in our case they will need to be hooked up to the beagle bone and programmed through the OpenROV interface.
I haven’t done this yet because I’m a little concerned it might fry something (I’m actually only using the 328p chipset on a breadboard loaded with OpenROV at the moment).

Do you think it might be a good idea to put diodes in line to ensure the ESC doesn’t over volt the chip?
I’m also wondering if the motor “ramping” function in the OpenROV software might prevent the ESC. From registering input…


In theory, since these ESCs are programmed with the throttle, it should be possible to write a program that lives on the Beaglebone and programs them whenever you want.

However, I'm not motivated enough to figure that out. I bought one of the programming cards, which makes things really easy.