ESC testing


Hi Everyone,

My mother is a teacher who was lucky enough to get an OpenROV kit grant for her classroom. One of her students attempted to assemble the kit but ran into some issues and has given up. My mom asked me if I would take a look at it (as I'm into robotics and electronics) and I'm trying to get everything put together.

So, my immediate question is: what's the conductivity between the 5 leads on the ESCs? The soldering job on the board was pretty poor and I'd like to test the ESCs to see if they work before continuing


Hi Aaron:

I was trolling through old forum posts and noticed that nobody had answered this.

I took a 2.6 controller board out of an ROV and measured between the ESC leads. It looks like, when there is no power on the board, there is about 10k ohm between either of the power leads and any motor lead. If you measure between the two power leads you will see a time-varying resistance, due to the presence of a large electrolytic capacitor between the power leads. In no case should you see a short or a very low impedance (say, less than 10 ohms) between any of the leads.

When you connect the controller board to the ROV, it's obviously a different story. The motors have around an ohm or so of resistance in their coil windings, so it's tough to check the ROV wiring harness unless you have an ohmmeter that can comfortably measure the difference between 1 ohm and a short-circuit.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Walt!

This is very helpful information. I'll have to do some testing when I have a moment.