ESC Programming and Calibration


Electronic speed controllers (ESCs) were completely new to me when I first assembled my OpenROV. This article documents my initial misunderstanding (and eventual understanding) of ESCs so that future builders can move forward with fewer glitches.

Open ROV 2.6v cockpit startup

Handy tip about the ESC Programmer card! Instructions are good but its always good to see a write-up on how someone's own build and overcome problems.


David: Agreed. The official OpenROV instructions are outstanding. Even better, they continuously update the Dozuki guide with new photos and insights. Much better than a paper or PDF manual!


Love the Dozuki guide! Agreed, keep updating it, it is our bible for now.


Matched sets of ESC’s are available from . Minimum sets of 2 or 3 matched units.
They are not all the same so unmatched sets behave nonlinearly! VERY bad in hexacopters , tri copters and quad and octacopters!