ESC mounting on PCB



Just wanted to show, a way to mount the ESC´s on the PCB.

Eliminating the wires, saving some space.

It also makes it look more neat, i think.

I used single strand copper wire, from a 220 volt wire.

The silicone insulation from the original ESC wires, are used as insulation on the new copper wire.

The cap´s will be mounted, when i have the USB for the cam figured out. I dont like the big USB plug, on the cable now.


Nicely done! Was it hard to de-solder the original leads? I had a lot of trouble doing that when I tried it some time ago.



Thank You Eric.

Yeah, a bit hard, i think hobbywing used lead free solder. You need quite a bit of heat to desolder the wires. But it can be done.

Just let it cool down after desoldering each wire.


Hi Christian, this is a good solution. I will do it in the same way. Where do you have stored the capacitors?


Hi Rudolf

I have not figured out where im gonna put the capacitors. I think between the ESC´s or behind them.

Dont think the ESC would get too hot for the capacitor.