ESC Labeling Issues


We have reached step 61 in our Version 2.6 build. We are putting the wires into the DB 25 connector. We have the motor wire bundles labeled but how do you tell which one of the three motor wires is ESC_A, which one is ESC_B, and which one is ESC_C? Is it the same for all three motors?


You can attach them in any order- the A,B, and C are completely arbitrary.. Depending upon how you attach the wires, the motor will spin in one direction or the other.

When you get to the step where you are calibrating the ESCs, there is a check box in the user interface that allows you to reverse the direction of the motor in software if it happens to be spinning the wrong way.



This check box does not seem to work for me. The motor spins the same way regardless of whether the box is checked or not. Is there a way to debug this?


Finn Tore


Hmmm... that was a bug in an earlier version of software, but the recent software (that we shipped all of the v2.6 ROVs with) should have had that fixed. Do you have a v2.6 ROV (where the software came pre-installed on the BeagleBone Black)?



Yes. I have a 2.6 ROV. I have uploaded the Arduino firmware a couple of times in various attempts to get things working right, but I have not tried to download software from the Internet yet. The only thing slightly different from the "standard" seems to be that I am using a Chromium browser (on a Ubuntu laptop) instead of Chrome.

Is there a way to verify which version I have? In the cockpit I see cmpd = Jan 3, 2014. When I log in using ssh I notice that there is a directory named /opt/cloud9, but I am not able to connect to anything on port 3131.



I have now been able to get the motors spinning correctly. I looked inside /usr/local/etc/rovconfig.json and noticed that it said "reverse_port_truster": false. By changing the value to "true" I got things working.

I also had to modify MPU9150.cpp according to this post in order to get the IMU navigation working. With the provided version only temperature and depth were showing.