ESC Issues



Got everything assembled on the 2.5 build. Got lights, video and servo. But I can’t get any of the thrusters working. Successfully programmed the ESCs. But when I do the final step that requires me to set the high and low values for each ESC they are not beeping when I press the reset button on each ESC. How can I check each ESC?




Hi Pat

When you say that you pressed the Program Button I am assuming that you hold down the Prog button then switch on the esc then release it, once it starts to beep then press it again to get to the 1st setting. then set the full forward throttle and press the prog button again then full reverse and hit the button a 3rd time.

can you confirm this.


Hi Patrick:

Also make sure that the ESC servo lead (small 3-wire connector) is plugged back into the Controller Board when you try to calibrate the ESC.